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Originally Posted by tiger1000
Thats just plain stupid, maybe if you said below 130..

Line and length is way more important that speed, Pollock and McGrath could not swing it and bowled around 130..they got a bit of seam off the pitch and bowled great line and length..Just look how great they were

Another more realistic example, Zaheer Khan, Early on in his career he used to bowl 137kph+, but during his prime from about 05-08, He was a much better bowler, he never swung it that much either, only in certain conditions did he swing it, and in India bowl did little, yet he was great using line and length

Look at Bresnan, dropped now, but for his he'll be our best test bowler, Couldn't swing it, no great bounce, just line and length at about 83mph/135kph - he was a really good reliable bowler

Broad - no great speed, for about 5 years now bowling at an average of about 83mph, Cant swing it great amount, recently bowling a bit quicker but average was 84mph vs WI

I can go on - you don't need to be 140+

If he can get a bit of seam off the pitch with good line and length, he can be a very good bowler even bowling at 130-138


'domestic stats don't speak much' - Agree on that, 'On Mustafizur...Never seen him play, has anyone?
Yes pace is not everything and for the blokes who dont have pace should rely on seam/swing and line/length. These skills are not easy to develop and need time. That is why its mportant that he plays domestic games or for under 19s/A team more and more.
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