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Originally Posted by Rabz
^^ I meant, gimme a b-r-e-a-k, pls.
Have heard it all before, have said it all before and have dreamed it all before.
All this talks about winning world cup and stuff, put a leash on it for a while buddy.
Still trying to wake up from a nightmarish world cup. Not ready for another prep talk.
I was there, both occasions, 58 and 78. On the ground.

This is a thread two years too early.
Did u read one of Sachin's interview, he thought of winning the world cup in 2011 right after mushfqiur slapped munaf's fourth delivery through the covers for a four at port of spain in 2007 world cup.Yes, right at that point itself, these kinds of nightmares should give you an impulse to prove things otherwise, and not viceversa, like taking a break from all these thoughts. Are we so weak, that we need a break from even thinking or dreaming of a world cup, last thing i need our new coach to tell the boys, "Dont you dare think to win a world cup right now after scoring 58 and 78 in the just concluded world cup" sorry mate, dont get me wrong, but we need to overcome this attitude.....its i guess more of a cultural problem.....Insha'Allah we'll overcome that soon, Insha'Allah!
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