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Originally Posted by shaad
Some material that might be tangentially relevant in this case is the abuse of South Asian maidservants in these Middle Eastern nations, as illustrated in the case of Sri Lankans in the Human Rights Watch report Exported and Exposed. Note particularly, Section V. Protection Failures and Obstacles to Effective Redress, which gives illustrative examples of failures in these nations' legal and judicial systems that lead to abused victims being returned to their tormentors.

There are also multiple news accounts of such abuse victims being in turn "accused" of embezzlement or theft by their tormentors and deported, thus letting their abusive employers get off scot-free, with no real investigation by the legal/judicial systems.

BANFAN, no one is denying that justice frequently goes awry or favours the influential in Bangladesh or the West too, but that shouldn't prevent us from highlighting or pointing out these episodes (particularly when they go against our citizens) in the Middle East too.

That said, I too think that UAE has a better legal/judicial system than several of its neighbours -- they largely have to, because they are trying invite in foreign (often Western) money as they attempt to set themselves up as a financial hub/resort destination.
I agree with you completely. And that's why it's always better to not to make a stereo type blanket comment on the entire system. We can always go case to case basis and try to find out the injustice to take up the cases, specially against our people.

Ya, in fact UAE is doing it for quiet some time and that's why they have almost all nationalities living and doing business here for last at least 25 years. I talked about UAE since I know about it, and I have clearly expressed that I don't know about others to comment.
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