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Originally Posted by iDumb
No it's not hand of God. I asked this question to a colombian collegue of mine. He was mentioning how he will be happy if Argentina exits. He says as a South American he can't support argentina.

Apparently the reason for that is the people of Argentina. Argentine people attitude apparantly has this "God complex" where they think they are best at everything and rest is beneath them.

From my experience this world cup, not too sure about this God complex but without a doubt Brazilians are much much friendlier. Similar to Bangladeshis.

I was in a food cart line when a brazilian young couple started talking to me, initially asked me something in portugese. I was wearing a Brazil jersey. And he pretty much carried on the convo and seemed quiet happy that I was wearing a Brazil jersey over anything else. Also met a doctor couple in stadium very briefly who also thanked me for supporting Brazil.

After loss of Argentina, in a cafe, a group of argentine ordering food. and I leaned over and asked one of them what happened? Probably lack of english prevented him but still doesn't seem like he was keen on even trying saying "everyting good" though i was wearing an argentine jersey. If I see a non Bangladeshi wearing a BD cricket jersey and if they ask me something even if I don't understand, you bet I will show some interest to have a convo for atleast few mins....

Might be isolated events, or my colombian collegues' given reason bias for my thinking. But this is what I gather.
As a South American, I also agree with my fellow continental, Columbia brethren.

Everyone loves Brazil because they share a border with over 50% of the nations on the continent
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