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Mona I didn't expect you to apologize. You are getting weak, must be valentines day syndrome. Doesn't this remind you of the "bangy" episode.

First of all you didn't say anything offensive, you gave us your opinion as to what is wrong with dhaka - majority of its residents are of middle class. And the actions of middle class has a big toll on this city. Majority of us here in Bangla cricket, with the exception of few are from a middle class family but only few took it personally as if you were talking about them. Does Rabz, Nocturnal and HWG own dhaka? or represents dhaka middle class shomittee? What is up there pacha I don't know to have an outcry like that. Just because they live in Bangladesh, they think they have more right to it than we do. A major part of Bangladesh's freaken economy is running on foreign remittence - money from hard woring people like us. So STFU all you dhakaites. We contribute more for the wellbeing of the city than you energy hogging, generator using, AC-maxing parasites that make the city unlivable. Yes it is YOU living in that city HOGGING the energy creating a crisis (just an example) and then you have the audacity to foul mouth us money providing hard bangalis on this forum. Shame on you!! I rather you say "thank you very much".

Mona is right and it's a shame that few of you forcing her to apologize. She criticized her own people for destroying the city she learned to love and hate. Because there is a problem - there is an energy and water crisis. There is sanitation problem. There are traffic problem. Responses like those "we are perfect, it's other ppl that causing the prob" will take us no where but to dustbin.

And you know there are a lot of parasites in this forum as well.. hogging the badwidth without providing any ad money. PPl that browse from bangladesh - whose value to google ads is in the negative dollars. They are bandwidth hoggers.... and provides nothing for foreign businesses.