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Default Sabbir Rahman (Rumon) to National Team as Pinch Hitter?

I am very tired watching some of our players bat at No.7 and No.8 (Mahmudullah&Zia) in T20. It’s a disgrace that Mahmudullah who already played 12 T20 International has an average of 12.68 and strike rate of 96.87. I don’t understand the reason behind Mahmdullah’s inclusion in the T20 squad if both Shohag Gazi and Mominul Haque play’s, enough spinners (Razzak, Shakib, Gazi, Mominul). It’s a very important position which Mahmudullah holds as in T20. Its time BCB includes Sabbir Rahman in the National team for T20. Its time that they realise we need a pinch/hitter who can cleanly hit the ball and at times win match’s for his country, why can rumon not be the Pereira of SL?
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