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well, if we kill everyone in bangladesh, we wouldn't have a madrassah problem. do you agree with this solution?
I don't know which problem you are referring to. But no that's not a solution to anything.

facetiousness aside, everyone is brainwashed. everyone learns whatever from their parents, teachers, friends, mentors, etc. your concept of freedom is itself brainwashing. there isn't a single person on earth who isn't brainwashed, and very few who are only partially brainwashed.

teaching someone to hate something unconditionally is brainwashing. so is teaching someone to love something which in fact doesn't deserve it. its all brainwashing.
I agree

i don't know what madrassah documentary you saw, but i saw one on CNN in america about pakistani kids being sent to a madrassah and then being accused of becoming terrorists. after the CNN team investigated, they found out the madrassa was in fact, one of the ones that aren't "radical".
Trailer of Karachi Kids:

every coin has a head and tail.
Very true.

without mosques and madrassas you won't have any religious leaders
I think you have misunderstood me. I have not said that I want all mosques and madrashas abolished and broken. What has been made is made. I think the rate that they are going up should be slowed down. And instead the government and foreign investors should focus on building more hospitals and schools. As it is we have plenty of mosques and madrashas. It wouldn't surprise me if the ratio of mosque to a hospital would be a 1000:1 in Bangladesh.

personally, i think we should abolish education, secular or otherwise. life is better spent selling drugs on the corner, pimping hoes, jacking cars, and busting gats, if you ask me.
Now I don't know what pissed you off so badly but this is just unnecessary. And overall I failed to understand the vast majority of your post.
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