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Originally Posted by switchbak
like me? he looks like me? as far as i know, i dont have any twin, but who knows, my mom could hide things from me. let me change my avatar then. let me put up a recent and real colored picture. then tell me. and u can trust me if u want. btw wow ur 11 r u really? i lik ur avatar tho
oh yeah it looks much better now,so looks like you are someone else,i have no problem lol,yes bhaiya i am really 11 but not to stupid people who think i aint one lol (dont worry its not you its some other people who are a bit crazy) but i hope you dont turn out to be in that group,lots of things happened to me in this forum people hurt my feelings most of the time but still the smell of cricket couldnt keep me away from here,have a nice day !
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