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Originally Posted by Dhrubo
oh yeah it looks much better now,so looks like you are someone else,i have no problem lol,yes bhaiya i am really 11 but not to stupid people who think i aint one lol (dont worry its not you its some other people who are a bit crazy) but i hope you dont turn out to be in that group,lots of things happened to me in this forum people hurt my feelings most of the time but still the smell of cricket couldnt keep me away from here,have a nice day !
no worries, i wont be 1 of them. i dont care if you are 11 or 110.
yea u have been here for a long time, i read ur THREADS/ postes befor. i m new and there are already lot of people that are after me, dislike me>>>
Originally Posted by cricket_king
That's exactly what I was thinking!
Originally Posted by antora93
i dont think switch back bhaiya is rumours! lol although in one of the threads switch back bhaiya mentioned "trade" and rumours in the only person i know so far..who uses that word..instead of thread!!! [hmmmmmmmmmmmm]
i havent got any WORM WELCOME yet, and i dont really except 1, dont need 1, as u said "the smell of cricket couldnt keep me away from here", its not like i luv this web site, but its the only place where i can shear my feelings.

i heard that ur moving to BD, well gud luk over there.
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