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The greatest of all the jokes I've heard in my entire life

Bangladesh PM demands apology
Many TV channels are reporting that the Bangladeshi Prime Minister has said that relations with Pakistan can’t become normal until Pakistan apologized for killings in 1971 military action, in the then East Pakistan. Bangladesh government of Sheikh Hasina, which is a known lackey of India, must first apologize to Pakistan, for the massive genocide of Pakistan loving Muslim population in the then East Pakistan, after which the Pakistan Army had to intervene in 1971, to stop the worst kind of genocide, perpetuated by the then veritable arm of the Indian army, Mukti Bahini (MB).

Pakistan must declare in clear terms that the Pakistan Army acted absolutely legally, under all the international laws and conventions, in the then East Pakistan, to save the territory belonging to Pakistan from the invading Mukti Bahini mercenaries and safeguarding the geographical boundaries of an independent country, which was duly recognised by the entire world. Furthermore, the current Bangladesh government leaders should be tried for the genocide of all those Myanmar Muslim refugees (declared by the UN as the most persecuted minority on earth), migrating from Myanmar, to avoid being massacred, were refused entry, as per international laws, and they were all killed subsequently, either by drowning in the river while being turned back by Bangladesh authorities or by the Myanmar killer gangs. In this regard, a US Senators delegation also severely reprimanded the Bangladesh government for not allowing Myanmar Muslims to seek refuge in Bangladesh.

Hasina Wajid and her cronies should be ashamed of siding with India rather than Muslim Pakistan. It will not be out of place to mention that majority of the Bangladesh population is peace loving; and they love their Pakistani brothers.
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