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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
Watch the video in entirety. Trump said NOTHING in the line of injecting disinfectant in the body.

They took some sound bytes and COMPLETELY twisted it and made a mountain out of molehill and ran with it. Only people you will be making rich are these sleazeballs in the media.

These people are not interested in journalism nor truth. These are some CORRUPT and CRIMINAL individuals working in unison.

These people will GASLIGHT you and stand in front of you and in plain face say "Sun revolves around earth" and people would take mainstream media's words as gospel and believe like sheep.

I made a video about flat earth in jest. Makes you wonder who the REAL flat earthers are.

Facebook should be BANNING mainstream media for DELIBERATE falsifying of information, but those criminals in Facebook are in the same bed as these thugs.


That Trump is bombastic or that he says somewhat dumb things is a known phenomenon.

Day 1. The power of president is TOTAL. Result: Media meltdown.
Day 2. Inject disinfectant. Result: Media meltdown.
Day 3. I am treated worse than Lincoln. Result: Media meltdown.

There has been constant media meltdown almost everyday around Trump for the last 4 years. I no longer believe that Trump plays the media. He is who he is. Media squeeze out these meltdowns. It is very depressing now

Yes, the President of the United States is a very important person who should be covered, but that does not warrant a meltdown everyday or 24/7 news coverage centering around him. COVID 19 is not the first disaster America is facing. They had 9/11, Katrina and many others, and I am sure the president was not the center of focus 24/7 during those crisis times.

Anyone who is not a partisan hack will agree with me that in the COVID 19 pressers, Trump is not given the respect a president deserves when journalists ask him questions. If Trump is bad faith actor, the journalists are worse. They are not there to really know about what government is doing. They are there to ask a gotcha question to Trump so that they may extract a soundbite that will go viral. GROSS!

Recently Don Lemon roasted (?) Trump in a monologue. He was trying to understand why Trump hates Obama. He was trying to figure out if it was due to Obama's good looks or education or other personal accomplishments. It was purely vapid and vacuous. Look, Lemon couldn't prove Obama's superiority using his legislative achievement. Because Obama has none. He was a SHITTY president. And that is why Trump won. Trump happened because of Obama.

2016 was a year when capitalism and the neoliberal order was exposed like never before. Bernie exposed the ills of America's political establishment and political institutions, but Trump had the genius and strategy to channel anti establishment anger to take over his party and capture the nomination and eventually become the president. It is no small achievement.

Because of Trump's mean tweet, and often uncontrollable persona, Trump was never accepted by the financial elites, the military industrial complex, the deep state, and the media. Because he created a problem of masking the neo-liberal order. That is why despite governing like a run of the mills Republican President, Trump is still hated. But Trump relishes it. Every media meltdown only reinforces his outsider persona. Because of apparent media hypocrisy, his scream of fake news lands. American people feel helpless against the establishment. That is why when Trump presents himself as a victim against media and the establishment, people subconsciously feel sorry for him and thinks him as one of their own. As a result, Trump will again get to run as an outsider despite being the president(!), against Biden, who is the quintessential neoliberal establishment figure, who is hated universally.

And 2020 has further exposed the depth of hypocrisy of the democrats and the media.

Me Too? Overlook when Biden rapes.
Trump is a threat to democracy? Cuomo cancels NY presidential primary and removes Bernie from ballot.

The democratic party will die. Bernie gave them a chance to survive, but Obama and the elites rejected it. For four years, media and the DNC tried to brainwash people propagating that America's problems started with Trump in 2016 and they will magically go away in 2020 if Trump is removed. They cheated and installed Biden, and they are now praying hard that they will capture the WH riding on anti-Trump votes in 2020.

Will it work on 2020? Depends on where COVID 19 leads US. The election will be a referendum on Trump's handling of this pandemic. So far he did not do a good job. It was his chance to become a transformative president. In a situation like this, what the president needs to do is bring all the elites in a room and have an honest meeting:

Look guys, we have given you everything you have wanted. We have given you trillions of dollars in tax cuts and in bailouts. However, as FDR said, if you want to keep your riches, you have to give people a little bit so that social order does not break down.

I am the president and during this pandemic, I need to move the nation from point A to point B with iron hand: pass Medicare for all, cancel all student debts, and have UBI for 12 months.

And if you do it, Republicans shall rule American politics for decades.

Is Trump smart enough to do it? The answer is NO. He stumbled his way to the presidency. And he is surrounded with establishment advisors whose only solution to the pandemic is more bailout for corporations.

Because of Trump's lack of decisiveness during this pandemic, he may very well lose his reelection to living corpse Biden. I still hope Trump wins, because (1) objectively Trump is better than Biden (2) a second loss to Trump is necessary for the destruction of fascist DNC.
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