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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Alright Rifat, Here are questions from me:

1. You are an American, assuming no going back to BD; how much Govt. debt bother you?
2. What problem(s) of BD would you solve if you had a chance? How?
3. You have three recommendation for BCB. What are those?
1. It bothers me a lot. quite a lot actually. see my response to Roman's question president of USA.

2. I would probably try to launch some form of very radical multi-billionaire infrastructure overhaul project that would make travel super duper easy. It can serve as a template for any city in the world facing similar constraints like Some cities in India, maybe New York City. Elon Musk is the right guy for these kinda jobs anyways.

Probably, If given the opportunity make Public Education super efficient and relevant. I am very anti "mukhosto bidda" (learn by memorization). Education should be about self awareness and learning exactly the skills needed to think on your own and solve complicated problems without being handicapped or always told what to do.It should be skills necessary to succeed in personal life and professional life. I loved the Bollywood Movie "3 idiots" that is one of my inspiration behind this. The truth of the matter is, in the professional world, there are many many many complicated problems out there that needs solving. 9 times out of 10, You have to invent a solution from scratch or come up with your own algorithm. Google search is there just as a supplement to feed you ideas.

Go visit some Madrasas, Talk to religious ministry and see I will offer some suggestions to see what can be changed. Islam is such a wonderful religion. I truly believe that Qur'an offers amazing solutions to many of our day to day practices that can be adopted in the professional world(such as in the field of psychology and many others). In Bangladesh, or some Bangladeshi think tank some people have negative opinion of Islam. Especially from those who are in the "upper echelon of life/holding positions of power"(I sense that from some people in this forum as well) .For Example: you have three kids, the first kid is super brilliant: the parent says, I am gonna make you Dactar(bangla accent, simon miah should be proud ). the second is not as brilliant as the first kid, but just as good, The parent says, I am gonna make you an Engineer. The third child is not too bright, the parent just sends that poor kid to Madrasa. I think this is a type of Insult. If our scholars are dumb, the entire Muslim Ummah is Doomed, giving brain dead fatwas. (Not to downplay the other professions). they will say dumb stuff that will turn people off. I feel like this is what has happened/happening in not just Bangladesh but most parts of the muslim world. Bangladesh/India/Pakistan were colonized by British for over 200 years. some parts of backward thinking still exists within us due to that. for example: skin complexion inferiority, shoving wonderful Islamic teachings on the side... thinking that people with lighter skin are superior over dark skin(whether we agree or not, these teachings are antagonistic to Islamic teachings) we have been brainwashed. There were definitely some good things that came out of Colonization no doubt. but there were many many bad things that came out as well. We were exploited as people, our resources were exploited. In a sense, it is a form of intellectual slavery(the worst kind).


a) Invest heavily in Academy/A team such that we should have 25 fringe players outside the national team or somewhat warming the bench in national colors who regularly travel or play HP units from all over the world. Shakib and Tamim has every right to just say "I quit"/"I resign" I made my money now suck ** *****(last part probably not necessary but they can make such claim). what do we do then?

b) Invest in Specialized Academies. India is a very very good example to look up to in this regard. Part of the reason why India is so successful and can churn out talent like Virat Kohli, Unmukht Chand, Prithvi Shaw day in after day out is because the infrastructure is there. They have a Pace Academy. Bangladesh needs to have these academies not just in Dhaka, but also in places like Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Khulna etc. have Bowling Academies, Batting Academies. these are costly operations but it should improve the cricket in the long term

c) invest in more stadiums throughout the country.
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