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Originally Posted by Neel Here
just the one place, canada i.e 51st state of US. the world doesn't revolve around US however much CNN believes it does. other places call it ice hockey.

by the same logic isn't ice hockey a criminal's sport ? since it is played mostly by hooligans who crash into each other to injure them ?
Wrong. I'm not a hockey fan, but I know enough to know there are more places where they play hockey, not just Canada. And other places call it field hockey, whereas it's just hockey for some. So? But don't know what this has to do with any of it, but FYI yes, the world does revolve around the US, whether you accept it or not. I won't get into that with you, this is as extremely off topic as it is, and that's completely my fault.

Second part of your post made just as much sense as the first. How's that same logic? Unless you're saying they're getting criminals out of the jails to play hockey, how's hockey a criminal sports? Hitting is part of their sport. That doesn't make them criminals. Hitting the batsmen is legal in cricket, not in baseball, so that must mean bowlers are criminals?
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