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bangladeshi paper talked about kapali as a steve waught too (because of the similarity in their batting postion and the fighting quality.. hard to believe now that kapali at some point used to score runs..) ..with Rajin the comnparison came in because of the similarity in character..

just a quick proof about steve waugh and number 4.

steve waugh's career started with AB as captain.. (waugh was a taileneder!!!). AB occupied that number 4 postion for a long long time.. (wood played there for two series) after Taylor's debut or Boon's move to number 3, Jones played as number 4 briefly.. in Ashes of 89 AB again moved up to 4, Jones 5 and Waugh 6. Then S waugh was dropped and Mark Waught came in and he went on to take that postion even before Border's retirement in 94. I am sure that u know that the Jr. Waugh occupied that slot till his retirement.. and after that anyone knows the aussie line up...
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