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Originally Posted by zsayeed
balance of power and thought in the world
Good point zsayeed bhai.

Even though Cold War is over, the geopolitical, political, inter-relational symptoms of Cold War era still persist significantly in the detente between the West and Russia, one of those symptoms is mistrust.

The deep-rooted ideological, economic and political differences between the United States and Russia are occasionally intensified as a result of their mutual suspicions immediately after the Second World War.

That mistrust is even intensified by Israel as a long-term catalyst in the relations between the two camps. Israel is ready to strike Iran and the blame of this attack will first hit USA and her allies. May be time has come for Russia to stand up on her feet again and roar like a polar bear of the past. Barack Obama is not Ronald Raegan and Putin is not Gorbachev - Obama can't create another Cruise Missile like crisis in Europe to scare, bend and break Russia.

I firmly think stormy days lie ahead for US-Russia relations. Progress on issues like missile defence and NATO-Russia relations could suffer serious setbacks if the Syria and Iran crises deteriorate further because the Russian leadership will not significantly change as the West expected for a long time; the reason of the disappointment of the West is the election win of Putin's party in the Presidential election of Russia – a bigger hardline strategist in the continuum of the balance of power.

Plus the current US economic and financial turbulence reminds us of those of former USSR of 1991. Russia is in a better position at the moment to bargain, negotiate and play hardline with the West.

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