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Originally Posted by MohammedC
I want military govt.

"Aghey ki shundor din kataitham"
We don’t need any government for next 20 years like Somalia. Then Bangali bojto koto dhane koto chal. First we the mango janata need to change ourselves; we need to understand what is right and what is wrong. We should criticize the party we support or leader if they do something wrong. It is so disturbing when we see a BNP supports blindly believe that Khaleda zia’s sons wasn’t involved any kind of corruption, same with Al supports. They believe their ministers are angels and not involved any kind of corruption, all are conspiracy, they are also blind to see what Al students wing doing since AL in power. So what should we do? Should we stop supporting AL or BNP? My opinion is big NO. We should change ourselves and change this parties as well in a positive way. If we lose faith then evil power will fill the vacuum by the name of religious which will be the start of dark age. Bangladesh will be even worse than Afghanistan or Somalia.

[Once I read a book name “Andhokare 100 bosor” by Anisul Haque long time ago, last 12 years I was looking that book but didn’t find anywhere? Anybody can help?]
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