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I think you are actually posing the question from a different point of view. did u see that video on the other thread? A shame is a shame, and that cannot be justified by anything, how good the player is or anything else. maradon's good work does not justify the bad ones.

and when I compared maradona with pele, i did that as player pele vs player maradona. who cares about what their childcare history is? you may argue why drug came in then. well, drug influnce play and is illigal in game. the reality is, its not pele who is promoted by media, but its argentina who is always overrated. they failed to go to past quater final for last two world cups? what you call a team like that?

I call them a 2nd string team, statistically speaking. oh, you may say they won world cup, but so did urugay, twice.
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