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I dont understand what does it mean to be a complete player. I seriously dont. If U want Franco Baresi to score phenomenal goals all the time..... then.. will that kind of gameplaye will make someone a "Complete player"? As far as my understanding for this game..... there are roles for which a player is assigned to. A defender is a defender and his main job is to defend an opposing attack and keep the goalbar safe. A midfielder is the creator of an attack.. mostly. And a striker's job is to score. This sounds very much clear to me. U wont see a striker ... do the following... he first defends the ball in his own defence, then makes millions of dribbling on the midfield, then.. somehow.. goes into the other D box and score. THIs is not the way the game is played. A player might have scored a goal taking it from lower midfield and end up scoring a goal. That is a great goal.. and it is great because, it can actually happen only very few times. Maradonna's goal can be equally comapared wth that Saudi arabian playre's goal in 94 against Belgium. Will that make Saudia arabian on the equal par of Maradonna??.. I dont think so. Pele and maradonna are completely two different players with different role. Pele was an extremely efficient Scoring machine, Maradonna was more like a playmaker. So they both were best in their postions, in their time. Pele played in the league when Brazillian league was the best in the world.They were generating many great players in 50's , 60's . So, it doesnt make any sense to compare game standard between Pele era and Maradonna's era. Pele scored like no one did and he did that for more than 10 years in his life. Moreover, Brazil doesnt produce one single player in 100 years like Maradonna. So.. Brazillian never depended on one single player to win someting. This is the not case with Argentina. The team argentina won mostly on the base of only one or two great players around a bunch of normal players. So.. how can pele and Mardonna be compared. If Pele had a team like Maradonna had,, then, we might have seen him changed his game from being a striker to a midfielder. Comparing on the basis of the play, these two simply can not be compared.

For my personal opinion, i would always rate Pele as the greatest striker in his time. I always get facinated by strikers snapping a goal like a fast bowler uprooting all three stamps with a yorker. Its someting I like most. No matter what, its the goal that makes the difference in the game. So, I would stick with Pele being my first choice for the ultimate. Offcoarse.. there is no comparision between him and Maradonna. With pele, I can afford to take Dunga, Falcao, or Vava in my team to create a supreme midfield and I just need someone to ensure that those passes get converted to goals. .and.. obviously........ I would not take anyone else except Pele in the snipper's postion.
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