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This is a way to do this with the tools that we have. Hopefully someone will find this useful :

Getting the second innings stats for batsmen is easy. Statsguru has an 'advanced filter' option which can be used to filter out just the second innings. Do that to list all SRT's innings with the 'include missed matches' set to 'yes'.

But if we do the same thing for 'India' for SRT's era, Statsguru provides the second innings for both the teams. So copy and paste this in a text file. Delete all the non-Indian innings, delete all the tests in which SRT did not play (shown as DNP is SRT's lists). Also delete the innings in which SRT did not bat.

Save this text file and open it in Excel. When we try to open a text file, Excel will trigger its 'text import wizard'. Select 'delimited' option with space and backslash as delimiters. Now innings scores will appear in one column and and the wickets/no of overs in the next. Replace the number of overs to 10 (all out innings). Add up the columns for runs and wickets. That's about it.

It took me something like 40 minutes yesterday, but I guess this can be done in less than 10 minutes once you know how to do it.

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