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Default Is Mohammed Ashraful himself his own worst enemy?

No doubt that Mohammed Ashraful is a brilliant batsman. He is only 20, and has a long way to go. He has the potential to be the best ever batsman in Bangladesh. But, why isn't he that consistent with his bat? Why does he disappoint his fans, and of course himself over and over? The problem lies not in his abilities, but at the extent of his patience. The following is a quote from Express India portraying Ashraful in Duleep Trophy:

"When he bats, itís an absolute delight to see the array of strokes from his willow. But the problem is the delight doesnít last long for Bangladesh to feel cozy.

Mohammad Ashraful can, on his day, playfully wade into any opposition but thereís more to cricket than just playing your shots. Itís about staying at the wicket, scoring tons and...leading from the front.

Ashrafulís transition from a gifted young cricketer to a high-calibre Test batsman needs maximum examples of gritty knocks under trying conditions. Unfortunately, he didnít realise an opportunity in the middle of the Karnail Singh Stadium on Wednesday. With his side ó Bangladesh Board XI ó tottering at 117-6 in this Duleep Trophy fixture, heís equally responsible as much as the dual bounce of the wicket.

It didnít matter to the 20-year-old prodigy that his side was two down with nothing to show against Centralís first innings score of 351. He batted the way he always does. Within minutes, the ball was placed through covers, third man, mid-wicket, square-leg and extra covers; virtually all over the ground. And then he decided to fish outside the off-stick and his counterpart, JP Yadav gladly bagged the booty. " source:

This isn't new to us. We witnessed this kind of dismal show from Ashraful many times. I'm not picking on Ashraful in particular; all our players share similar traits when it comes to staying at the crease. But, since we know he is the capable one, he is the one we already nominated to be the best ever BD bastman (i.e. in another poll in this forum), isn't it time he steps up and shows us that he, indeed, is the best ever BD batsman. If his fellow players and he do justice to themselves, our team will present us that "Big Big Win" we're so craving for.
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