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The term "deadwood" is rather a description of "state of a player" in the team rather than a "permanent label" of a player. You need a greater group of core players so that you can replace a player before he goes close to "deadwood state"; which is not good for a player as well as for the team.

Today's deadwood is the by-product of BCB's mis-management, just removing them today will not eliminate tomorrow's problem. And castigating today's deadwood players for the rest of their career will also not address the problem.

It's mainly the BCB management that created and harboured the "deadwood" problem in our team in the past; they prefered "experience without performance" over "inexperiance with good track record"; they used wrong data (ODI success to justify TEST inclusion for example) to justify a player's inclusion; ignored current form; failed to create competetion in each position; failed to take bold decisions to fill up team's need; failed to decipline repeated offenders of some crime; failed to establish guidleline how players will be evaluated, punished, rewarded and promoted.

Now that the selectors are making more bold decisions, bringing new competetion; rewarding new players for their performance; in the future we will see different results from these same group of current deadwoods, if they come back again.

Hopefully from now on: new or old, all will be working hard to retain their position in the team. Nothing will granted for long....if you cannot produce repeatedly ... you need to step aside and let the next player show what he can bring in the table. That doen't mean its End of their career; it only means ... if you are close to deadwood state; you need to take a break and fix it outside the team and then again wait in the line for next chance...which may come sooner... or which may not come again.... nobody said life is easy... specially a player's life.

Ofcourse there should be some life line for exceptional expereicned players who have produced consitently in the past. But those should be exception, not the norm.
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