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Originally Posted by iDumb
The feeling of inclusiveness is all great until you get mugged.

Going back to an University setting to study at age 32 will give anyone a refreshing feeling Dhaka or not . I guess Dhaka more so because of your ethnicity. You would get a little more attention being from outside than you would otherwise .

Nice write up but this sounds like a description of a dating destination . Let me know how u think of Dhaka in raising a child in your 30s instead of going to an University.
Heh, what a weird and snide reply. I tried to reflect on the place with balance and perspective - not least because it's patently disrespectful for an outsider to come back and find reasons to **** all over it.

Nevertheless, it sounds like someone's burnt out and feeling like being snippy. Best remedy might be to find a dodgy pharmacy that'll sell you some valium to chill the **** out.
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