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Originally Posted by Roy_1
Must he thank God? Must everyone follow mainstream religions? Why can't he choose a living being to thank? He has the right to follow whatever he thinks work best for him, ridiculing and looking down upon people based on their personal beliefs is borderline bigotry.

PS: Maruf bhai Sorry if I offended you
I am not ridiculing him nor am I looking down upon him based on his personal belief. I just find it hilarious that in this day and age people still believe in stone era magic and witchcraft.

To each their own when it comes to religion. However, if a man is known for witchcraft and he credits his success to that - I personally find it very funny.

Again, my intention for this thread is to bring some smile/ lighten up the mood before BPL 2017 after a horrendous serious. Let's keep religion out of this and have a chuckle.

None taken Roy da.. perhaps I should be more considerate. I was just replying to someone who said it is normal for subcontinent players to thank God.
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