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Originally Posted by Rabz
Wow Wow Wow!
Let me refresh my previous statement.
Beautifully written article with a twist.

Going thru the pictures, i cant help but notice the word "India" mentioned 9/10 times, with pictures linking to india.

Not that i am ever going to deny the huge role they played in our Independence War, but if i was beginner in this subject, i'd think it was all about india!

...And the last picture that of Sheikh Mujib, the caption ends with a sad truth, but could have been written otherwise.

i felt the pictures captions were undermining our image.
with the best will in the world, we underplay the importance of india in the struggle for independence. i spent the first twelve years of my life in dhaka. my family had actively taken part in the armed struggle through various means. however, living in bangladesh i always got the impression that it was the brave freedom fighters who defeated the mighty pakistani army without any extraneous help. it had only been since i have lived abroad that the contributiion of india had been brought to my attention,
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