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Default Battrick- Addictive Simulation Game!

Sorry there wasn't any designated place to put this thread so I just stuck it in the most popular category. MODS feel free to move it if you find a better place for this.

I just thought I'd introduce Battrick.

Battrick says Hello.

For all of you who don't play it, it is a cricket simulation game. It's of very high quality and free. I've been playing for about eight months and I'm still playing with the same commitment.

In summary, you manage a cricket club, from finances to net sessions. You are placed in a division with seven other teams and fight it out for the number one spot and thus, promotion. You can transfer players from other teams into yours and vice-versa. On Friday the weekly game is staged and occurs in front of your eyes (In commentary). Throughout the week you can book a friendly to play on Sunday. Also very soon FC matches will be included into the schedule.

However, this game doesn't demand alot of time or effort. Just smart planning and tactics. It's very addictive and is the cricket version of Hattrick.

For more information, register and then read help. If you need any extra help while on the site, feel free to PM me. My Username is JKRULZ on the battrick database.

It's a great game and may be difficult in the first month. I found it very difficult as I wasted money on pointless stuff and found myself shoulder deep in debt. But If you don't give up on it, it'll become much simpler and debt is almost as easy to get out of as it is to get into. Truss.

Also I think it'll be good if we could arrange some friendly matches between BC Members. All that is needed is when someone decides to register( which they should!!) they just write that they have registered and their username. That way someone who visits this thread can just scroll down and find someone they wish to verse.

That is all. Remember what to do if you're stuck on the site. Seriously give this game a go. You won't regret it.
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