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Originally Posted by Jadukor
@Banfan if the players were paid and FICA is over reacting then we have nothing to worry about. The players who got paid would come back to play again and FICA also wouldn't have a case against BCB
Yes, but we can't remain limited to those players....infact creating a negative image will close a lots of avenue for BPL. Not only players,... Even sponsors don't like to get affiliated to something with negative image... And players costs increase due to negative image and sponsor money reduces.... Bhai, it's an attack on multiple layers to stop bpl growing as a big league ...not so simple as getting the players who has been paid will come back... Getting player will never be much's the quality players...and most importantly money from the sponsors...

Well let's see, it may have an immediate effect, but if bcb is strong enough and sincere in coming years, I think Tim May ang gong will ultimately accept defeat. Don't give a chance to create any chaos...can bcb run it so efficiently..?? Let's see.
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