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Originally Posted by One World
Hi Rifat,

I have following questions.

1. How do you cope up with fashion trends? Will you be open to try popular fashions for a change? Will you wear swimware while diving?

2. If you are offered to have a home anywhere in the world where would be your choice of preference?

3. What is your view on Bangladesh in general? BD has diverse education system including Madrasas. Any word of advise for BD young generation?

4. Zakir Nayek? Why or why not?

1. I create my own fashion trends for my friends and society to follow. . why do you think so many people have beards in USA nowadays take a look at the NBA and such.

2. Have not thought about it much. I am not a big fan of buying a home(you get tied to a place and I love to travel and live minimally and have that choice or option to make a drastic change in my life with as less of a repurcussion as possible, buying a home getting tied to a mortgage limits that option) even though I bought one for my parents, Alhamdulillah!

3. Bangladesh has it's own sets of unique challenges. Bangladesh should follow China's example with regards to population control. Bangladesh could greatly benefit from massive infrastructure overhaul or a more sophisticated transportation system that would greatly make lives of many very efficient. With that being said, I am the worst person to answer this question: I have not been to Bangladesh since 2004. The Bangladesh I grew up in was very peaceful, tranquil, serene and innocent. maybe times have changed maybe it hasn't. Advise i would give to anybody or even my younger self is to be true to yourself, never isolate yourself. About Madrasas. Madrasas are actually a lot harder as in difficult than secular education. on top of everything you learn in Secular School, you have to study a lot of Islamic stuff.

4. I used to listen to him a lot. Nowadays, I don't listen to many Islamic scholars. I just Listen to Qur'an and I find my answers there. listing to Qur'an calms my soul and helps me navigate through the trials and tribulations of Life.
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