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Originally Posted by iDumb

1. who do you look up to/your inspiration?

2. THe perfect girl asks you to shave, what will you do? and what is a perfect girl for you?

3. Name one food you can not live without

4. Favorite verse from the Quran/bible/any book.

5. Ideal vacation?
1. Ever since i was a child, the more I read about Prophet SalAllahu A'laihe wasallam. the more I was impressed and fell in love. He was and always will be my #1 childhood hero. my teacher in Bangladesh who taught me mathematics and other subjects, I always admired his teaching abilities and just himself as a human being. my other Egyptian teacher who is my best friend and from whom I learnt a bulk of my Islam and Computer Science from while I was at UCONN(University of Connecticut).

2. the perfect girl would never allow me to become someone I am not. I would feel like an imposter if i pretended to be someone I am not. perfect girl for me is someone who is attracted to me as I am attracted to her. she has to be very well rounded in life and she has to have excellent manners and preferably someone who loves Allah and his messenger (SalAllahu A'laihe wasallam) as much or if not more as i do. Someone who strives and thrives to become a better person than she was yesterday.

3. Biriyani or any variation of Rice+meat combo.


5. Any vacation where I am stress free, worry free, I am having the time of my life with loved ones close to me and I am enjoying the best of food. the last part is very important to me
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