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Default Recent T20 loss: a wake up call for Bangladesh Cricket

Despite the West Indies series whitewash in Tests and ODI's, Bangladesh Cricket has a lot to think about and build on from now on. We should take note, that this same Bangladesh team collapsed in the First Test, First innings against this semi-decent, inexperienced overnight West Indies team. Had it not been for Mashrafee and Shahadat tail order batting, we would have lost that test setting up a much feasable target for the West Indies, a total far less than 277. However, Bowlers yet again, compensating for the faults of the Batsmen.

Dropped catches, life after life, risky shots, chances after chance and utilizing upon them has been the theme of this tour for Bangladesh. A much more disciplined zimbabwean side are probably licking their lips right now for some sweet ole' revenge.

This T20 loss signifies the amount of luck, complacency in opposite fielding, Bangladesh Cricket Team has been recieving since the start of the tour: it is great that the bubble finally burst so that we can realize the little errors we make consistently. Battingwise, We really have to go back to the drawing board and learn to play Basic cricket, proper cricket: because these schoolboy errors are not acceptable by any means, especially in international cricket. Indeed, in International cricket, even the smallest margin of error can cause a huge impact in the final result as us fans are used to witnessing far too often than we should.

It doesn't matter what the format of the game is: you still have to apply common sense, you still have to connect the bat with the ball, cautiouly attack the new ball while rotating the strike, you still have to keep wickets intact so that you can maximize your chances to post a decent total later on, you still have to get settled.

With that being said, All thanks to the Almighty, our ODI and Test wins have shown the area of improvement in Bangladesh cricket, a side used to playing quality opposition by now.

this T20 loss shows that an opponent is an opponent: in order to win against any team: you have to play professionally. Otherwise, you will pay the ultimate price: This loss should wake up both the fans and the Team on the amount of complacency and margin of error allowed against the upcoming Disciplined much fancied Zimbabwean side...we just simply can't afford to make schoolboy errors in international cricket. Concentrate on playing simple cricket and expand upon the basics: is how you will succeed against much stronger opponents in future International Cricket.
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