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More than the skills, which I think we do have them BTW, was the lack of passion for the game. The way Saqib was playing,,,it was really really irritating me ( does he not know any other shots than those two?), he was playing with an intention of playing few balls. Ashraful clearly didnt know where the fielders were, the aggression was totally lacking. And if you think about it,, our T20 individual averages are the "poorest" of all. Most of the players are in their 10-12s!!! Well, thats just insane.. I think today the BD team showed absolute disprespect to the game. It almost looked like it was a fixed-match, if you asked me!!!

Yes, there needs to be a wake up call. That is,,, for T20, even coaches like Buchanan fails, it is not easy, it is not that difficult, it is a mind-set and requires players of shots not players like Raqibul, Nazmul, etc. We needed to think about that. But more importantly, the lack of passion today was absolutely can tell from miles away that BD team was not interested in this game at all.
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