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Originally Posted by Orpheus
Since you will most likely not be in the stadium, you may think your thoughts will not affect the team. You are posting on a WORLD WIDE WEB.. anyone has access to your posts, including yes our players....
I am posting what the players already knows. That is: on paper they are not supposed to beat teams like India, but in any given day specially in ODI anything can happen in a single game i.e. they are not out of any hope. Bangladesh is underdog. So there is no special pressure for them, but there is a chance for them to be heroes.

What whatever I or you are saying here and other posts have no effect at all to the players even they read our posts.

Originally Posted by Orpheus
When fans show doubt, this doubt will eventually get to the team (you think they don't have a smart brain like yours?)..... I hope I don't have to write further...cuz I feel I am writing an essay w/o getting credit for it.
Its not fan's doubt ... its fan's realistic expectation out of them. Beating India is still doable but every thing needs to fall in our favor. And I trust our players brains and that's why I am not worried. Thanks god they are not as smart as you are, otherwise they will also start trying to make something out of nothing. At least, I think most of these players have better grasps of logic 101

Originally Posted by Orpheus
Here is a scenario:
Tamim and Sakib never played India before. This is a very new experience for them. They need our absolute trust and support....If Tamim and Sakib finds out the whole country thinks they can beat the shitt out of any team in the world, they WILL make every bowler crap in their pant.. but if they see most are doubting with their huge brain, the doubt will reflect in their batting style.... will end up in reckless or overly cautious - restricted unnatural batting....
Few points:
1. The whole country including myself is still supporting the team
2. This is no pee-wee league, this is the WC. The players should exactly know the real situation. Keeping in the dream land is not going to help.
3. Instead of preparing themselves, if the players spends time reading these message, then we are already in trouble.

Originally Posted by Orpheus
Now I have a feeling your next post will be on a sentence you pull out of this post and counter it in a way that will have no relevance to team SPIRIT. Or it will be something similar to "I think you are thinking a bit too much" - maybe... but better than primitive thinking...
So you think your comments represent any 'team SPIRIT'? Do you realize what you are you are preaching: " Do what I say don't do what I do". You are the one here breaking the team spirit among the fans here, trying to make issues out of nothing. So do us a favor, show some team spirit first and try to unite the fans here instead of divide before the game.

Banglacricket is not for debating and fighting all time.... Show some SPIRIT for a change.... your character is becoming more and more repulsive as I engage convo with you other than team selection....
Look who is talking about team spirit!!!! One final request. Concentrate on your own character and try to identify your repulsive trends instead of concentrating on others. This is the only way you can make a difference (if you want).

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