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Originally posted by Sham
Originally posted by Flipper
Man, even if we do little better, we still complain.

So, Bashar is the Scapegoat for the day even on the day when BD does a little better. Please give our team a break.

I am getting sick of this kind of threads with such language!

The sign of a good team is one which continuously self-assesses. Even Australia is always trying to improve, and Duncan Fletcher is always trying to make England a more complete team, by making what he calls "complete cricketers."

So, just because we have had a good day on the field so far, we shouldn't just put our feet up and not analyse the different aspects of our game and where we could have done better.

As our ex under 19 coach just pointed out, we won't win unless we play to win. Bashar gave them the middle 20 overs from the 20th to the 40th. He might as well have just called Ponting out to the middle, said look, lets not bother to play the middle 20, you guys take 80 runs, give us a wicket, and we'll cut to the chase straight away with the last ten. In effect, thats exactly what he did!!
Well said.
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