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Originally Posted by World Champs
We are not even producing decent T20 players. Its not about IPL. Its the attitude of the team where they think there is not a problem. This team needs changes. Deserving players are not being given opportunities at the right time.
Commiserations on your loss, bro. I've never been an India fan but have always admired many of your players, and have and will always support your team against Pakistan. I like to see the high and mighty fall especially when that height and might is generated more by the commercial marketplace than actual performance in a variety of transcontinental conditions. Something about rooting for the underdog rather than envy, I suppose. The point is, I'm not an India hater by any stretch of the imagination.

India is a good side abroad and nothing less than formidable at home. So this test series has been a major surprise for me. I have a few questions:

1. Do you think the high degree of commercial hype is creating complacency and delusions of grandeur amongst many of your National players?

2. If deserving players are not being given opportunities as you've posted, what would you suggest as the better, more reasonable and transparent way of making sure that they will be?

3. Who are some of these players you're talking about and why do you think they can be successful and then sustain success in International Cricket?

Looking forward to your kind response. Thank you
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