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Bangladesh football is nothing without India.
Absolutely bogus... Bangladesh football has no relation whatsoever with the anything Indian. Bangladesh football never depended on anything from India.

I would argue that it is the land of Bangladesh who has contributed to Indian Football. Yes, you heard it right. WE gave you East Bengal. If you know about the history of East Bengal, you'll know that it was formed by and for the people of Bangladesh (the then Eastern Bengal). During fifties, Sixties and Seventies - it was Bengalis who made up the majority of the Indian Football team. Many of those players were born in East Bengal (what is called Bangladesh in present days).

Don't brag too much about East Bengal as a symbol of Indian Football. It was and still is funded by people who are originally from Bangladesh. After the recent win in Malaysia, the Desh magazine of Kolkata did a cover story about East Bengal. It was written in pure Dhakaiya Language. For the first time Desh' history, a cover story was done in Dhakaiya Language. I hope you can understand the significance of that.

Had there been no India, there would have been no Bangladesh.

also guys dont forget, that ur country was a part of India once.
Amit, what is this????? are you trying to provoke some attention? or are you saying these because you lost your sanity??

Our country was a part of British Empire, India or Pakistan once - do you think we care at all about that. We are better off these days because we got our independence. So being a part of one country once upon a time doesn't mean any hoot to anyone. We take pride and pain that it was our country’s wealth which was looted and has contributed to the economies and progress of these aforementioned countries. Can you see how dumb your point is?
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