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I remember the 2011 World Cup game against West Indies very well, as we got bowled all out for just 58. I was watching that game from SBNC, with a lot of my friends.

Back then I used to live in Bangladesh, me and my mates camped outside City Bank (who were selling the tickets) for one whole night, getting bitten by mosquitos just to get our hands on the CWC tickets, but some idiots tried break into the line and just destroyed the queue all together, Police then chased at everyone in front of the queue with batons and we found ourselves at the very back of the line.

But after another 12 hours of struggle, we finally got our hands on precious CWC tickets.

only to see Bangladesh get decimated. We all though that WI would be the easiest non-Associate side to beat. Worse still, I felt bad for the family sitting next to us, who had travelled all the way from Rajshahi to watch the game, with high expectations. But despite all that, I am still a Tigers fan, will always be a Tigers fan.

Oh and the only two tickets we bought was that game and the one against South Africa, we choked that one too, going all out for only 78.

We blew our World Cup campaign in our own backyards in 2011. :/
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