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Originally Posted by iDumb
Hold your horses there man.. don't let your fanboy get to you.... He is doing well and a very good player, I don't know what you mean by complete player. he also has the benefit of some of the best players as team mates...

Let me ask you this? In your opinion you think C. Ronaldo is better or even comparable to Messi? .

But I agree this is one of the "complete" team currently.... every single player got their own game yet they play united...
Lol wat fanboy are you talking abt. Ive always held Messi as a player so highly but this is the Real Madrid player i was talking about in a Real Madrid thread. Just because Messi might have achieved more than Ronaldo in this generation doesn't mean Ronaldo is still not one of the best players ever.

Both have been scoring more than a goal a game for such a long period of time that other players in previous generations could not even think of such achievements. I think its wrong to compare Messi with Ronaldo because they play in different positions and have different roles in their teams.

However people may say oh Ronaldo plays like a striker anyway but i think thats utter rubbish. He has always been a left winger and has always positioned himself on the left. Being a striker one must position themselves centrally and on occasions drift towards the wings if necessary.

However ronaldo in always on the left with benzema always positioned centrally and feeding ronaldo on the wings. But ronaldo's awareness and positioning is truly outstanding that in the box he is anywhere the ball goes. Thats just one thing i wanted to clarify that Messi and Ronaldo do play in different positions.

So for that reason i think its wrong to compare. However yes in terms of achievements Messi is ahead. Also he has performed for country whereas Ronaldo hasnt been as good as everyone would hope wen he plays for Portugal however i have argued that its due to the quality of the teams they are playing with as Messi has Di Maria, Mascherano, Higuain, Aguero etc. to work with and Ronaldo only has Moutinho. Nevertheless Messi has showed his qualities for his nation whereas Ronaldo not as much.

We are lucky to have to Ronaldo and Messi playing in the same generation but just because Messi may have achieved more doesnt mean Ronaldo cant be one of the greatest player also. What i meant with complete player is exactly that. Ronaldo is more of a compete player than Messi. Ronaldo is an athlete and can score with his head, which Messi doesnt. Ronaldo can use his strength wen needed, Messi not the same.

Besides scoring Ronaldo has proved he can also be an assist maker. Messi is not the same in terms of being an athlete. Messi mainly is a dribbler, assister and finisher. Ronaldo has more attributes than Messi but Ronaldo's dribbling, assisting and finishing isnt as good as Messi but Ronaldo relies on other attributes to make up for that difference in quality.

Also Ronaldo is probably imo more influential to Real Madrid than Messi is to Barca on the basis that wen Ronaldo moved from Man utd to Real that year Real scored 40 more goals than there previous years.

Lol u think Ronaldo isnt comparable to Messi? I think thats fanboy imo. They are both in a different league to all the other footballers and plus Ronaldo has been outperforming Messi for the past 2 seasons. But yes Messi has been the better player over the course of his whole career at Barca.
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