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Originally Posted by iDumb
I never said they should be compared, I said Messi is above everyone else.. he is
their positioning has a lot to do with their handedness.. so I think they can be compared even if they play different position.

anyways, Listen bro, you can bring all the stats.. Ronaldo's numbers can be skewed due to having better team mates... Just from watching games from this la liga season, I see a lot of goals are set up for Ronaldo whereas for Messi that is rarely the case, he is the one who is setting it up....

that's why you are are so hung up on Ronaldo improving on his assist making....i think he got a very solid team this season which is helping.

you be happy with your nokia Lumina bro.
Lol dont downplay barca's team as a whole just to praise messi. Barca and Real are similar in quality. Lol all football followers know that ronaldo is currently the best, even barca supporters. So i dont know whether if its ur stubbornness or fanboy attitude that is ignorantly hailing messi the best player currently.

Ronaldo's numbers are skewed because of his team mates? I just cant help but laugh. Ronaldo has double the number of goals than Messi and has one more assist then Messi and u are just gonna give Messi all the credit?

Many people said after Ozil and Di maria both the high assist makers for Madrid leave Real Madrid then Ronaldo will not score as much, that didnt happen. Instead Ronaldo is as i repeat has scored double the number of goals than Messi somehow Messi is still better than him? On that basis Ronaldo played better than Messi in the world cup because Messi's numbers are skewed because of his team mates.

Lets not forget Messi has Neymar, Suarez, Iniesta, Rakitic playing around him. U contradicted urself saying messi is the one setting up because ronaldo is leading the number of assists for Madrid and has 8 assists compared to messi's 7.

U can pick any player in the world to be ur assist man but regardless scoring 20 goals in 12 games is just unheard of. Ronaldo ontop of that has more key passes than Messi, showing he is creating lot of goal scoring opportunities, implying he is setting up more goals than Messi... This isnt a matter of team mates. This is a matter of developing an aspect of one's game.
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