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Bro now you are starting to talk rubbish..No barca supporter says Ronaldo is best... Those are foolish supporters..

Listen goals are not everything... Overall Real madrid as a team made way more goals than any other team which is a testament to the team dynamic and how offensive they've played.

Yes Barca has some great names but most of the goals were scored by Messi and neymer combination. If you take percentage of goals made by these two it comes out to be somewhere 70% of the team goals....

Look at Real, everybody has goals, everyone is winner... James the nobody already has 5 goals, suarez zero.. does that mean james is a better player than suarez? (yes suarez missed a lot of games in the beginning sure)..

And how many of those Ronaldo goals are from Penalties? Those should be subtracted...

Bascially my point is stats can be played around with... sometimes you watch a player and you can tell who is a better one... And for me that is Messi.

--- i think u are a ronaldo fanboy.......

Please come back and talk the day C. Ronaldo can take Portugal to the round of 16 in world up..:p
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