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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
I don't need to understand. Why should I? How many years he is at the helm? What was the promise made when he took office? What youth program does he have? How has he united other metros to Dhaka? What infra structure did he create so that when he leaves we would still get boys with higher quality?
As for FIFA ranking bull crap... we are talking about Bhutan here. Resources #facepalm.
I am from the time when Thailand NATIONAL team lost to us 4-0. Now, their 2nd division club team will kick our rear. I am from the time when Abahani beat Maldives best club team 9-0 or was it 10-0? Their national team was full of that club team players. Now you tell me if I have a reason to fume at Salauddin?
Bhai, salahuddin ekai shob korbe? You are talking about what 80's here?

Thing were far more worse before salahuddin took charge.

Players even had to go to strike to force our football federation to organize football league.

We don't even have enough resource to pay our coach regularly and you expect him fulfill all the promises he made? How? Few days ago, they had to sell lottery ticket to earn some money.

Leagues are being held regularly, we are playing international matches regularly. If our player cant perform that's his fault too?

Youth program? Yeah. He already started it in Sylhet.

Bhutan was what? Last team of the ranking. They just jumped 46 places by just winning 1 match in a 3rd Stage of qualifying round? They will jump back to the same place when they loose the next match.

This ranking doesn't mean anything. We were ahead of them when it mattered.

According to the new regulations, the first 34 ranked teams of the current 46 members of Asian Football Confederation will play in the FIFA World Cup 2018 Qualifiers directly.
With the limited resources, salahuddin doing the best he can. As he always say now its up to the footballers to perform in international matches so that BAFUFE can get lot more lucrative offers from sponsors .
আমার অপার সীমানাতে তোমার চিহ্ন তবু রবে বেঁচে ...
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