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Originally Posted by tanvir_nus
Brand new format in the sense that if ODIs have been around for 60 years then T20 is newer comparatively. Obviously it took time for Bangladesh to know how to play this, I think we need to hold BPL more and play in this format more to know that it is not about tarahura as you said, it is also about playing proper cricketing shots. Kohli never takes a risk yet scores at 160 SR. This sort of stuff comes from playing in this format, and after 2 years and us playing BPL 5, maybe we will understand how to play it. But yah, goes to show we have not been a fast learner yet...
Um. Kohli is in a different level. I don't think any of our players have the ability to do what kohli does. So he is not really a good example. I know people like to hate on kohli, but gotta give credit where it's due
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