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Originally Posted by BD-Shardul
Actually, Islam is very broad, and genral public like us cannot follow it properly without following a school. There four schools, and each of them them is right in their own way. All other schools or -ism that exists are void, and that's why to follow Islam properly, we must choose one of the four schools of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaayat.
Who said that? Any reference which connects to the Quran or the Prophet (Peace be upon him)?

How hard it is for the general public to believe in Allah and his messengers, his books, his angles, and the hereafter, give charity, be humble, perform hajj if one has the ability, say his/her prayers and fast, and not commit major sins? If this was that hard then Allah wouldn't prescribe us this religion. Madhab is created by Human. There are many things about future which is mentioned in the Holy Quran but that do not include madhab. If Madhab was that important then certainly the All-Knowing would have had mentioned it.

The words "cannot" and "must" is disturbing. You may want to rephrase the post. Relaying what one knows is very good. But trying to make it as the only way of life is not a good idea.
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