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@Beamer: Maatta is pure gold. Very unlucky not to have scored more with that accurate howitzer. A very calm defensive presence too, almost Lidstrom-like when Nick came into the league as our number four defenseman behind Fetisov, Vlad and Coffey. Of course being partnered with Coffey developed him quickly enough to become the better partner in his pairing with Murph, an excellent defenseman in his own right.

Crosby has changed his game this season and we'll see his PPG go beyond 2. Like Gretzky, he wants to make a scoring play every time he's on shift and he's doing it with his ability to see a possible play before it unfolds, and then by making it happen. Such premeditation is something new for his vision game. He used to just hold the puck with his superior skillset and look for opportunities like other elite players, Malkin, Datsyuk or Toews for example, or Mario, Yzerman, LaFontaine, Fedorov and Howe before them.

Now his ability to accelerate and then stop on a dime makes him the right guy at the right place, because most NHL defensemen can't skate at that level and skate right past him, leaving him open enough for a perfect no-look pass or shot on goal. You give him space to skate and you'll be toast 1 out of 3 times. Reminiscent of Pavel Bure in his prime, but with a plan his fellow players are also in on. He has obviously been working very hard on executing give-and-go plays with his linemates the way Gretzky used to.
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