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Originally Posted by rum├śrS
at least u can watch it if u just stay up, cuz ur in AUS n got channels 2 watch it but if i do stay up i will have 2 go to up my friend's house or upstairs. i cant watch it cuz my mom wont let me stay up late. lik the other day vs WI. but i think she did the right thing. cuz when i woke up the next day morning after the match i had a good surprise. hope i will get 1 more 2moro. so if i go 2 bed early n listen 2 my mom, n if bd wins 4 that...then i will do it 4 BANGLADESH ...

You need foxtel to watch in Australia. The country barely broadcasts any cricket at all. Luckily I got foxtel so I just have to stay up a while. I thought they were broadcasting the tournament direct to U.S.?
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