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Default Doping/Cheating in Australian Sport

An Australian Crime Commission investigation has found widespread drug use in Australian professional sport, with some athletes being given substances not yet approved for human use.
The year-long investigation says organised criminal networks have been involved in distributing the drugs to athletes and support staff, including doctors and coaches.
In at least one case an entire team is believed to have been doped.
A former head of the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority says today is the "blackest day in Australian sport" while Justice Minister Jason Clare says "the findings are shocking and they'll disgust Australian sports fans".
The report's key points:
  • The use of prohibited substances, including peptides, hormones, and illicit drugs, is widespread amongst professional athletes.
  • The Australian Crime Commission says no code is immune from the scandal.
  • Players are being administered with drugs not yet approved for human use.
  • The doping is being run by sports scientists, coaches, support staff, doctors and pharmacists.
  • Organised crime is involved in distributing the drugs and, in one possible case, match-fixing.
  • The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) will get new powers to conduct a "full and unhindered investigation".
  • Authorities are refusing to name the athletes and teams involved But Victoria Police say a confidential version of the report contains names.
  • The NRL is investigating Manly and Penrith's records; the AFL announces changes to its integrity program.
This has been a huge story. Accusations that drugs is widespread through different codes of sport in Australia (Rugby, League, Soccer, Cricket have been named). This allegations have come up by the Australian Crime Commission from an ongoing year investigation. No names have been put up yet so all codes of sport are pretty much in the same cloud.

There has been murmurs that their might have been match fixing in cricket games. As an Aussie im dissapointed that this has come up but i'm not as surprised that this has been happening. Previous rugby players have been caught doing these type of things. But i wouldn't have thought that these type of things were widespread.
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