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My observation....

1. Tamim is maturing to my surprise. Playing according to Siddon's guidance.

2. Even though Junaid was dropped in 3rd and ignored at 5th ODI, I have to say, I am more hopeful about Junaid than before. But to solidify his position he need few bigger scores that Siddon is looking from his openers.

3. Less I say about Ashraful, the better it is as it not a bashing thread. One century followed by 4 single digit is not what I am looking from my #3. Plus a overll SR of 79 is not what I am looking for from my top five slots. As a bowler, I would like to see a little bit more of Ashraful and what he can bring as a part time bowler.

4. Unlike others, I see some future in Rakibul, even though a SR of 76 is not going to cut it in long run. However I see some promise and once he solidifies his position, I hope he will seriously look at his slow SR and address this issue. He (along with Rahim) brings a strength in this team and that is stabilizing a batting collapse .

5. Shakib kind of disappointed me with his batting and his maturity as a batsman. He is playing with confidence, but sometimes he looks like trigger happy too soon too often. may be I have too high expectation from him. As a bowler is his indeed maturing beyond my expectation.

6. Ryiad is a indeed a surprise the way he is developing as a bowler as well as a batsman. Now we can really depend on him that he will bowl 10 overs with good economy rate and batting wise finish the innings with confidence and purpose.

7. Rahim is improving a bit with his wicketkeeping (one of my concern). He is batting with more confidence. May be its time to promote him further up in the batting order. #7 is too low for him, specially the way he is batting right now.

8. I had really high hope for Naeem. But I was kind of disappointed, mainly with captain/coach for not handling this young inexperienced player the way they are supposed to do ..AND ... with Naeem for not utilizing the opportunity that he is getting. I was hoping he would bowl better with experience. I haven't seen any progress yet, may be its too early to expect progress. With batting, he kind of failed to grab the opportunity. For suddenly letting him play from #8 to #2 is mind boggling.... specially when he is not your typical opener and he is too young to experiment like that.... I am afraid this is how we spoil young talent ... set up some target which he is not experienced enough ... and then when he fails... we will use that to dump him forever. But at the end its upto Naeem to grab the opportunity and show the world what he is capable to do.

9. Dollar surprised me in a positive way. The way some fans were trashing him for seleting him as a substitute, I thought he is indeed a damaged good. But boy, he proved all of them wrong and proved bagh Mama is no Brial Mama, he knows something that some of us don't know.

10. Nazmul surprised me kind of similar way Dollar did, but not as much. Again bagh Mama was on the right side by selecting him

11. I am not a Rasel fan, even though I understand why we need a bowler like Rasel. Nothing earth shattering but, to my surprise he got the most wicket.

12. Unlike others, I see future in Robin in ODI. He need to address his econmy rate though. But his dashing batting can fill up our much needed power in lower order batting lineup.

13. Enamul changed my mind. I think he can be our regular ODi player. however I was hoping his bowling would be much more penetrating. However when Razzak comes back, it would be hard for him to keep his slot.

14. I see Mehrab as a Batting allrounder, not the other way around. However his SR is too slow for my taste. when he settled down, I hope he will address this issue. otherwise it will be hard to justify his inclusion. His bowling is nothing special, and I donl't see how he can make a case as a bolwer in the team considering we already have Shakib, Ryiad, Naeem, and Enamul/Razzak in the team.
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