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Originally Posted by Tiger444
True. Gotta give it to them. Despite being in such a mess for so long, Afghanistan seems to really be doing well in sports.

Has to make you wonder why our athletes are not improving as much despite our country not going through war and our facilities being better than theirs? Has to be in the attitude and the culture. Not to mention, Afghans are better built than Bangladeshis in general
They are very hard working fellas. I had couple of Afgan friends in a superstore. They can work really hard without showing any tiredness. Most of them live in hilly area, so physically they are well built. But for me, I think, it's their positive attitude and thier passion which makes a huge difference from others.

Have you watched Semi final match between Afganistan vs Nepal ? When referee deliberately gave 2nd penalty after nepalese missing in the 1st attempt, Afgan officials asked their players to walk off. But Afgan players stood on the field (specially the goalie) and wanted to play their hearts out despite referee's partiality. The result was the goalie saved that penalty again

I am sure if it was any other team, they would have easily walked off the field and made an excuse in the public. But they did not and won the match at the end. That's attitude for me
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