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Default Ohhh Gosh!!

I thought that was an official announcement too.Damn! But thats never gonna happen. Bashar will never drop himself for the better of his team which is quite justifeid looking at his (behaya belaj)character. I strongly believe he is currently by far the worst sportsman(any form of sport) in the world...As far as the team goes I would like to give SN some more opportunities in the home conditions cz hez a quality player.therefore I would like to see him in the opening spot and the little Mush at No.3/7(dependind on the situation).

And to the EXPERIENCED bhai who believe [..edit..]Bro, if we continue with a disgrace like Bashar then we should all prepare ourselves to attend the funeral of BD cricket 1day.I m sorry for the comment but [..edit..]..

Cheers !!!

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