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The wait is over!

Originally Posted by Shoinik
Naeem did not have a good World Cup (batting wise) but he showed a lot of heart while bowling (except against South Africa). For you to say he has got zero talent, I would ask you to check the following link:

Also, please check his batting stats on CricInfo (both test and one day) and compare them with other batsmen in the team.;view=innings;view=innings

Bear in mind that when you bat at number 8, you bat most of the time with the tail-enders and sometimes you come towards the end when you just have to swing the bat to get some runs.

It's a pity we never tried Naeem/Mahmudullah at number 4 (or 6) for an extended period of time. It would have allowed us to play an extra bowler. That's how we beat NZ, Zim last year!
Naeem always had character.....they just did not use him properly. He and Mahmudullah are two of the most sensible/versatile cricketers (albeit with a few limitations) we have got from the Siddons era.
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