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Potential great Captain material?

Either you have it (what it takes to be a great captain), or you don't. By this time everyone should have a pretty good idea if 'Mushfiq have it or not".

As of me, he doen't look like he have it what it takes to be a great captain. The only reason he may be hanging on as a cpatin with the excuse that we don't have any alternatives.... and that by itself is not a good situation for the team or for the fans.

The same is true is with wicket keeping.... he goes one step forward and then goes back one step. He may have improved ... but basically he moved from "poor" to "average" at best.... I don't see anytime soon he will be considered a "good" wicket keeper. Again the excuse that "we don't have any good alternative" will help him keeping his spot for now. Again that is also not a good sign for the team or for the fans.

Bottom line, you don't get a good captain or a good wicket keeper unless you develop and try/take risk.... they don't grow in tree as ready-mate ... ready to use. BCB need to understand team's need, work on developing possible substitutes and take calculative risks...only then hopefully we will get better wicket keeper and/or better captain (both area with are below average)....just doing nothing is not going to solve the problem.
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