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Default Head Coach Salary - apologies accepted

In previous postings, there were some stupid comments about the MASSIVE salary of the Head Coach in Bangladesh. I was roundly ridiculed for suggesting it was nowhere near the HUGE numbers of US$400-600k a year people were wildly claiming.

Then in today's Independent this line: The annual amount 2.25 US$ means, he would draw 18,750 US$ which is at least 4000 US$ more than the previous Bangladesh coach Jamie Siddons

It proves that JS was earning US$14,000 a month, and not the US$40,000 people were stupidly talking about.

Whilst this money is really good, in terms of other Head Coach national salaries it is less than most. Some specialist coaches at other countries earn at least this much.

It goes part of the way to explaining why we did not have many candidates of quality apply and why people are attracted to IPL. It seems Stuart Law is trying to supplement his income with T20 coaching. He wouldn't have to to if he felt the job paid enough.
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